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Shed 5 Storage is a highly secure car storage facility based in Northern Lincolnshire.

Using a state of the art dehumidifying system, your car will be kept in perfect condition all year round. The relative humidity of our store is kept within strict tolerances (45-60% RH) to ensure materials such as leathers, woods and plastics are neither too dry or too moist. This ensures your car will not further deteriorate regardless of the weather outside. Our site is based away from any main roads with state of the art security keeping your asset secure 24/7. We don’t advertise our exact location for security purposes. We also offer non-dehumidified storage.

We understand the importance of keeping a vehicle in prime condition throughout the year and being ready at a 24hrs notice, seven days a week. That’s why we offer a large number of services beyond just storage. From trickle charging, to organising servicing and restoration work. We take the hassle out of car ownership. We can manage all paperwork and provide in-house transport for your car so you don’t have to.

Upon arrival; your car is photographed, a 24point inspection report is created, keys and car tagged with a unique storage number, and placed under one of our breathable soft covers. We regularly monitor all cars in store, including tyre pressures and fluid levels, with owners informed of any irregularities.

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