EYTCC Membership

New membership for 1 year (or a renewal after 2 years) is £28 – which includes a £3 admin charge.
Usual annual renewal fee £25.
Online payments with PayPal of Debit / Credit Card – for 1-Year only. See further down for automatic subscription.





IMPORTANT – read this first: When making your payments online, and after completing the payment process, you should be automatically sent back to our website – if not, please click on ‘Return to Merchant’ to complete a few details which we need to commence or renew your membership. So please wait for that return. If for any reason you are not returned to our website, then please navigate back to this page, and click here after your payment has been made. PayPal ongoing subscription payments can be cancelled from here.

Joining information

Joining the EYTCC, or renewing your existing membership online for Full Membership, is just £25 per annum, .

If joining for the first time, or if your existing membership expired over 2 years ago, there will be an initial £3 extra to pay, to cover our Membership Card and Vehicle discs processing and postage costs. Therefore the first payment (only) will be £28.

You can also subscribe on behalf of someone else – as a ‘gift’ for example.

No need to worry about further membership renewals! Simply subscribe, and we will automatically receive the payments annually – until instructed by you – using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of this page, or by login into PayPal.

Once we have received your payment, we will begin to process your membership, subject to completion of your (or the person you have paid for) personal and vehicle details. After the brief payment process, you will be presented with the forms online, to complete your application.

New Membership Only – After receipt of your information, we will issue you with a unique membership number – and will provide you with a link to generate your membership ID, and membership vehicle disc online. You will also be subscribed to our monthly EYTCC Torque magazine.

We will endeavour to notify you of your membership number as soon as possible, so that you are eligible to attend events as a member – subject to booking/payment where applicable.

New Membership Only – not renewals.
Please scroll further down for ‘Existing Membership Renewals’

1st Year = £28, then £25 per annum until cancelled. New Membership Only.

Existing Member RenewalFor those members whom have previously paid by cheque, cash, BACs or Standing Order. You will continue to keep your existing membership number – unless your membership expired over 2 years ago – In which case you will have to use the ‘New..’ options above. We would like you to still complete the online personal details and vehicle details forms after payment, so that we can ensure that our information is up-to-date.

Existing Membership Renewals

IMPORTANT! READ THIS FIRST BEFORE RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Some individuals have been ‘renewing’ their membership, when one already exists which would renew automatically via PayPal – hence paying twice! If you make this mistake, a refund for an over-payment (which is not our fault) may incur an administration fee. IF IN DOUBT – CHECK YOUR MAGAZINE POSTAL LABEL (OR EMAIL IF DIGITAL VERSION) – and if it states ‘AUTOMATIC’ – then you already have a membership which will renew automatically. If it states ‘Automatic’ then DO NOT renew! 

New Annual Membership Options..

Existing EYTCC Membership Number: 

If you are renewing your existing membership, having previously paid by Bank Standing Order,
then please make sure you cancel your Standing Order with your bank.

Full Details

Full Membership – as detailed in our Constitution

Membership of the club is unlimited by numbers and shall be open to all owners and enthusiasts of historic motor vehicles (including motorcycles and commercial vehicles), who are of an age that makes them eligible to hold a British driving license.

To be a full member the current year’s membership fee must have been paid, and the member must hold a current membership card.

A Spouse or Partner is considered to be a joint member. Fully paid up membership permits the member and spouse or partner one vote each at any AGM or EGM, where they are present.

Ownership of a vehicle is not a prerequisite for membership. Committee Officers must be a current fully paid up member to continue in office.

Associate Membership – as detailed in our Constitution

Associate Membership can be granted at the discretion of the committee to any person who applies to be an associate club member & receive all club privileges, with the exception that they can not display any vehicle at an EYTCC club event. The fee for Associate Membership shall be set by the Management Committee annually, but will be a reduced fee from the full membership fee.

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