Let us know if you are unable to attend one or more events

Whilst we are unable to offer refunds, letting us know in advance that you are unable to attend an event, will allow someone else the opportunity whom would otherwise (in the case of smaller events) be unable to attend. It also means that your ‘EYTCC Friendly’ record remains 100% favourable.

We do understand that in certain circumstance, it is not always possible to give us advanced notice – and we do allow some leeway for that reason. However, those that continually fail to attend events (especially the smaller ones) without prior notice, may be logged, and have future applications for the same events, delayed by 2-3 weeks, to give others, a fair opportunity of attending those events.

We do not request any reason why you are unable to attend – as we don’t need to know, and in some cases it may be for personal / private reasons. Simply complete the form below, and your message will be acted upon by our Events Secretary. Thank you for your assistance.

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    Unable to attend specific event(s):Unable to attend any more of this years events.

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